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Hostels in Voskopoje

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Hotel Akademia Voskopoje - Hostel in Voskopoje - Albania
Prices From $15.84, 8.96, €12.50
Hotel Akademia Voskopoje - Hostel in Voskopoje Accommodation Type: HOTEL
The Hotel Akademia Voskopoje is situated adjacent to the village of Voskopje, which is 18 kms from the town of Korca in southeastern Albania. ... During the Communist period from the 1950s until 1994, the hotel property served as a 'Young Pioneers' camp and youth centre. ... Today, it is a full hotel that caters to mainly Albanian families all year, but the manager, Dritan Naumi, gladly welcomes foreign visitors. ... He speaks fluent English and ... more info >

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